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Carp at building wheels.

ll_sharpyll_sharpy Posts: 40
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To start off with I've no idea with building wheels.

I've got a set of Hope Pro II that I want to rebuild into a new set of rims - thinking of the Spank Subrosa - but my LBS changes a fortune for just standard spokes and I wanted to get them myself. Unfortunately I have no clue and after looking at the DT spoke calculator I still have no idea!! Is there an easier way to work out want spoke lengths are needed by just knowing that I have Pro II hubs and Subrosa rims??

I don't mind having a crack at things myself, even if I get the boring time consuming bit out of the way and let the LBS finish off making it all true.

Feed back would be appreciated.
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921

    You'll have to grab some of the measurements for hub and rim yourself but when done correctly will make building the wheel a lot easier. I've laced plenty of wheels using Wheelpro but not completed the build due to the lack of correct tools and patience and leave the truing to the LBS. Have a go yourself but if you mess it up, loosen all the spokes off and start again or leave it untensioned for the LBS to finish, mine charges £10.
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  • GinjafroGinjafro Posts: 572
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    carp at smelling too!

    Seriously though, I'd leave it to the experts at the LBS.
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  • :oops: Not everyone who works in an LBS is an "expert"
  • cavegiantcavegiant Posts: 1,546
    Building wheels is surprisingly easy, and you will spend more time getting the wheel spot on than a bike shop. I have had far less problems with my wheels than with shop or factory built wheels.

    All you need is a good spoke key and you tube. The videos on there are very helpful.

    Use your frame as a wheel jig (I have the jog, but prefer using frame as you can dish better.)
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  • Matt 24kMatt 24k Posts: 186
    This is the best spoke calculator that I have found. It lists loads of hubs and rims(though not Spank) but you need to know exactly what models you are dealing with.
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