SRAM Red Gears/Cassette/Groupset durability

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Has anyone got any experience of the durability of the SRAM Red groupset, in partiicular the cassette?

I've been using Campag Centaur 10s gears with Mavic M10 cassettes, but I fnid that I get through chains and cassettes very regularly, and I like the idea of the steel SRAM OG 1090 cassette. It is made out of steel, so presumably the teeth will not wear so quickly (what I'm hoping), but it has a clever one-piece hollowed out design so the weight is still very low.

In fact all of the items in the SRAM Red groupset seem to be much lighter that the Campagnolo equivalent. What I'm wondering is, do they stand up to as much punishment? (in particular the cassette)

My wheels are Ksyrium SLs with a shimano free hub body, but I have a campag groupset, which is why I've been using mavic M10 cassettes, as they fit a shimano spline, but come with campag spacers. If I moved to SRAM, this would also clear up this little anomoly.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    I had a RED cassette and it was noisy and didn't shift very well, so I sold it on.

    I'd just clean your chain regularly with a decent chain cleaner and lube them properly.
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    I mix my Sram up... I use DuraAce cassette and DuraAce chain on my Sram gear, although Ive never had the Red cassette... Ive found it all runs very smoothly on the shifts, smoother than Ive had on a 1070 and smoother/quieter running for me chainwise (which I changed first) than Sram or KMC, but Im sure others will have completely different experience.
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    I've had mine a couple of years, still works brill.

    That said, I don't use the Red chanrings as they look utter pap, I use Stronglight CT2 instead.

    I don't use my Red cassette all the time but it's still fine. Never had any problems with noise or shifting at all though.

    I personally think the Red cassette is great as it's light but still made from Steel so should last longer than Ti Dura Ace or Record...
  • Many thanks for the inputs, all very useful. I didn't reailse Sram were compatible with Shimano... that opens up fresh possibilities. Does that mean I could mix and match with Dura Ace (eg Dura Ace shifters and Sram cassette)? I've been on Campag for too long, I assumed everything is proprietry!
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    You can freely choose between Sram and Shimano cassettes and chains. But you can't mix shifters and derailleurs.
  • I run SRAM Force with an Ultegra cassette and DA chain (bought at a big discount). Works great.

    As Peter says, Chains and Cassettes are interchaingable between Shimano and SRAM, brifters and derailleurs not so much (although I believe the front der is).
  • Thanks everyone, I think I'll look into some sort of combination with the sram red cassette and possibly dura ace shifters and der.