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Hi all,

My names steve and i Live in colchester, about to start and get in to Mountain biking again after 15yrs. Last time i rode was back when i was 15,

First off ive just puchased a second hand GT Avalanche 3.0 since im on a budget and was wondering what peoples thoughts are on the bike, obviously after spending numerous hrs searching internet and bike shops i wish i could afford a decent bike in the beginners bracket of 4-600 pound, but cant justify that sort of money at the moment (Wife and 2 Kids!!!).

Main question really is, will it be worth upgrading parts on the bike to get a better ride cos some of the parts have seen better days,

Opinions would be greatfully apreciated..

Cheers Steve...


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    (a) ride it and have fun!

    (b) when components start to fail/ fall off, then look at upgrades. until then, refer to part (a)

    edit - make sure the tyres are in good order, not cracked or perished. and that things like brakes etc all work as they should. have a couple of rides and decide whether the bike is comfy. if not, then you could look at replacing the contact points - grips, saddle, pedals (pedals are important, make sure they're grippy so you dont slip off!) but as your only just starting out again, as said above, just replace things as they wear out

    once thats all good, then return to point (a) :D
  • My brother had an avalanche 1.0 & it was a cracking bike. The frames definitely worth upgrading on.
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    I like the GT's good bikes nothing wrong with them and it is not about what you can afford as we are all on a budget of some sort, as long as you enjoy it and get out and ride it then that is all that matters. Just upgrade as and when necessary otherwise it starts to get expensive or buy second hand off ebay if totally necessary.
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    Never really understood why people buy a bike and immediately want to change bits on it.Just ride it and enjoy
  • not looking to change things on it now, just trying to get a bit of knowledge about the bike. and as stated in earlier comment, bout getting a feel for it and comfort, changeing seat post and saddle which are the only 2 things i will be changing,

    cheers for the reply guys, like i say all information is greatfully appreciated
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    Don't get the upgrade bug. Once you start, you can't stop. I know, I've got it now! Don't read too many bike magazines - it only makes it worse.

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    As long as your current components are well looked after, as some of the above have said, get out and have fun, if and when some fail, then replace, but to answer your question is it worth upgrading... then yes, the frame is sound.

    but if you start to go mad, which is VERY easy to do, you may as well of saved the cash and gone for a new bike.


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  • Cheers guys, like I say not looking to upgrade anything at the moment just wanted to get some idea what the feed back is on the GT frame,

    Had a couple of rides now and very impressed with the bike, just wish i got another bike sooner cos fully enjoying it again asi knew i would. The last bike i had was a Marin so was a bit stressed on what to go for and really Just bought the GT on impulse buy as it was a good price, :D
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    Good bikes, I had the Avalanche 1.0 and now a Force 1.0. Any bits you upgrade will normally transfer to another frame if you change your frame to suit your riding style or want something lighter and more racy.
  • I've got the 3.0 and love it. I was on a similar break like you and wanted an entry level HT. I read the 4 star review on here and went for it. ... o-10-36097

    The fork gets some bad press in places but i'm quite a big guy and have thrown it around with no issues at all. The bike is heavy compared to others a few hundred quid more expensive but i have no issues keeping up with friends on lighter bikes. The pedals are the only item i'm thinking of upgrading at the moment as i've just bought some decent MTB shoes and the pedals can't take them. I may also look at the tyres as they appear to hold mud more than my friends do.... I actually find the seat quite comfy but that may be my considerably fleshy ar*e :shock:

    Also, can't agree more with the comments above. I've never smiled as much as i have in the last few weeks - enjoy your bike!!