Front mech shifting problems

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I have a problem with my front mech. When I change up it goes to the big ring fine, but when shifting down it seems I have to push the lever much harder than I should, it feels like I am going to break something in the shifter each time I do it. I keep the big clean so not really sure what the problem is, any advice?


  • John.T
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    Is the lever holding the mech hard against the top limit screw. If so either back the screw off a little or slacken the cable. You will need to use trial and error to work out which is needed. If you back off the screw and the chain them goes over the ring you need to put the screw back and slacken the cable. Set up correctly the cage should just move a little if you push the lever when on the big ring. Over tight cables are the biggest cause of LH shifter failures (other than on 105 and I am sure it did not help there).
  • The cable does seem pretty tight but that just seems to be how tight it needs to be, hmmm.
  • can you explain in a little more detail what you mean? I have looked at the bike and re-read your comment and can't quite see how to proceed.