Campagnolo brake blocks - can they be opened?

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My brand new Campagnolo brake blocks look extremely close, it looks like there's virtually no clearance between the blocks and the wheel rims. Can they be slightly opened without the "dodgy" method of pushing the silver "button" at the Ergopower lever? For sure that DOES stop the blocks from rubbing but I'm sure they're not meant to be left "artificially" open!

Does the orbital brake pad adjustment on Centaur calipers allow for the block positioning to be fine tuned or would I have to fit different brake blocks?


  • Smokin Joe
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    There is an adjuster on the caliper where the cable enters. If it is not fully screwed home then turn it clockwise until the blocks are far enough apart. If you have no adjustment left undo the cable clamp, let the caliper open to the extent you want then re-tighten.
  • That 'button' on the Ergo levers is just to open up to allow wheel changes. Use the cable adjuster at the point at which the cable reaches the caliper, as per the previous post.