Tube & Tyre advice for summer training

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I am after some advice regarding inner tube & tyre advice for my summer wheels.
On my current budget Fulcrum Racing 5 Evos will be my summer wheel with the Mavic CXP22s that came with my Specialized Allez becoming my winter/cruddy weather wheel using the Specialized All Condition Tyres.
Use will be typical british country/town roads.
I was thinking about Michelin Pro race 3, any views?
What would be a good inner tube? Why do some have the longer Presta Valve?
I shall mount the tyre myself, any advice?

Thanks in advance!


  • yakk
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    Hi there, lots previously posted on this subject, but here's my pennys worth.
    PR3 tyres, fantastic grip, nice handling and supple,, haven't pun#tured much, don't last too long (some say 1000 miles, some more). Mine are really thin now after about that and not sure if I trust them. I've used them for events rather than a general training tyre due to the wear rate.
    Forzetta Tricomp appear to last very well, are a bit heavier. Many others, too many to mention, but personally using Vittoria Rubino Pros currently which appear more hardwearing, and handle reasonably, come up cheaper too from Ribble and others.

    Re tubes, can only comment on valve lengths - totally depends on your wheel rim depth - so that you have enough sticking out to get a pump onto.

    Hope this helps.