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Love the look of the cube attempt bike ,but get mixed reviews on what frame to buy carbon or aluminuim with 2 or 3 on the sprockets ? Anyone own one of these?...Thanks Rhurbarb


  • Hi recently bought a Cube Agree Pro (2010) Compact. I figured compact would be OK for my fitness and still have some performance I can grow into. Aluminium, since I wasn't too keen on carbon for my first road bike. Though it weighs in very light (according to the Cube figures). I was tempted by the Attempt, but opted for the more expensive model for the upgraded fork and wheels.

    Good luck making your choice. I'm yet to ride mine since I only just received it.
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    I've got an attempt it rides really well and is nicely specced. It would be fair to same I am a big fan!
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    Cube attempt 2010
  • Just purchased the attempt myself(2010 Version)... She will be delivered Friday so will let you know how she rides... Will be my first road bike after riding mountain bikes for a couple years....

  • Thanks guys ..I was going for aluminuim but i rider told me go for the carbon model .but carbon to me looks a bit chunky ...or maybe its me Glad to see these bikes getting popular .....whats the compact bit then?not sure what it means ona bike.. If you guys have any photos id really appreciate it ..Cheers ...Rhurbarb
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    Hi there

    Welcome to the forum - hope you get the info you need.

    FYI "compact" refers to the set up of the front chain ring(s). Formerly the front double crankset on a road racing bike would be something like a 52 tooth large ring and maybe a 39 tooth inner ring. The alternative to that if you wanted to tackle some serious hills would be a triple crankset (50/40/30 teeth respectively). However the more serious cyclists were concerned about the extra weight of the triple and the somewhat "wimpy" image of needing a triple at the front.

    Consequently the "Compact" front crankset was developed with usually a 50/36 chain ring combination. This tended to give reduced weight and also expanded the scope of the gearing to give lower ratios from the traditional double chainrings for those problematic hills.

    You will probably find that the majority of road bikes are offered with this Compact set up. Some sportive bikes and most touring bikes will be equiped with triple cranksets at the front. However you will find several manufacturers who offer the choice of either option on a specific model.

    What you need will depend on what type of cycling you want to do, the general terrain over which you will cycle mainly and your fitness level.

    Hope this helps
  • Well the bike actually arrived today... First Impressions.. Wow... beauty...Looks much better in person... Only rode for around 8 miles but its a lovely ride.. Ok not had a road bike before so nothing to compare it to.. but im very happy with the purchase.. Will take some pics soon..

    also big thumbs up to Chain Reaction.. Ordered the bike Tuesday 18.00 hrs .. Delivered Thursday 08.20hrs... Plus had loads of freebies.. a pedal wrench, Multi tool, Bottle, Bag and a big pack of race gels and drinks.. Unexpected so a nice surprise.. Have never had better service...