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Fred Whitton - Best Cassette / Derailleur comfig

sgt822sgt822 Posts: 51
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I'm after some advice. I currently ride a 2011 Scott CR1 team with a Shimano 5700 groupset. It has a compact 50-34 front and 11-28 rear cassette.

I'm wondering if I can fit a SRAM apex 11-32 rear cassette without swapping the rear derailleur. My RD is marked 5700 but does not indictate if its a SS or GS model (I assume from photos is a SS as it has the curved bottom to the cage rather tha the squarer one the GS seems to have - not that I can find anywhere the lengths of the cages are disclosed!).

Has anyone tried this config? Just don;t want my legs to give up on Hardknott! Those 4 extra teeth may make all the difference.

If its a negative can I just swap the cage of the RD or do I need to swap the whole thing?

Cheers for any advice.


    Hi, don't think it will work I'm afraid without a mountain bike rear mech. Even a long cage rear mech won't work as these are designed for triple's, not wide cassettes.
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    The SS and GS have the same 28 tooth max. The longer cage is just to accomodate the triple. You will need to fit an MTB mech as well. Some come with a medium cage which will be fine. It does not need to be 10sp.
  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    what John said.

    You could also fit a 33t ring.

    34-28 = 31.9"
    33-28 = 31.0"
    34-32 = 27.9"
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    Mate of mine's done Hardnott in the wet on 39/26 if that gives you encouragement? Nearly killed him though so he's going 34/27 for the Whitton. Think I'd need a 30/28 at least :cry:
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