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hi, my friend is selling me his shimano ultegra groupset (10 speed) minus th crankset. on my current road bike i have a sora 8 speed setup with FSA Tempo standard cranset. my question is, will there be any problem with my current crankset if i put the ultegra on my road bike? does a 10 speed setup have a differrent crank set? really appreciate your advise... thanks... :D
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  • sungod
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    i've seen postings where people say they run 8-speed chainsets with 9/10-speed chains

    the 8-speed chainring spacing is a bit wider, so maybe there's some risk that the narrower 10-speed chain could fall between the rings, but if you make sure the fd is set up ok i'd think it'll be fine
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  • so in that case, it's safer for me to change to a 10 speed crankset?
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  • John.T
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    Try it with your current one first. It will probably work fine. I am running a 9sp Dura-ace chainset on 10sp Ultegra and can not notice any difference. The inside dimension of 8,9 and 10sp chains is almost the same.
  • It'll be fine in reality, and if it isn't you can replace the chainset then.