Campagnolo Record Pro Fit Pedals

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Apart from the ridiculous price tag (although I managed to find some for a tad over 150 notes) does anyone have any comments on these please?
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  • I have two pairs of the Chorus Pro Fit.

    They work really well. Contrary to reports I've read, I don't have any trouble at all clipping in or out.

    Probably not the lightest pedals in the world though. Also, I haven't had them for very long so I can't comment on longevity, but they do have a quality feel to them.

    I was toying with the idea of a Record set for my current Colnago build, but they really are very expensive!

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    I have Record, Chorus, Centaur and Veloce pro-fit on all six of my bikes and love them, I buy all mine off Fleabay, record ones in good condition go for about £50-80 whereas the Veloce ones you can get for under a tenner, ideal for my turbo bike.

    I really can't fault them, some say that the Keo's are easier to get into, but to be truthful I want Campag reliability, as I have seen too many Keos fall apart and leave riders stranded or with just an axle to get home on.

    PS Anyone got any spare nice ones they want to flog then let me know.