Campag 11 Speed Advice- Update

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I have Mavic Cosmic Elite wheels with a 11 speed Campag Chorus 12-27 cassette, the problem is that there is a tiny amount of lateral play in the cassette with the lock nut fully torqued up. Is this normal or do I need a washer fitting? One came with the wheels but the instructions show this is not required for a Campag Cassette. Only done a few short rides but as spring approaches with better weather, hopefully! with the longer rides I do not want to cause any permanent damage.

Thanks in advance.


  • Monty Dog
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    You shouldn't need a spacer / shim with the cassette, but at the same time you don't want the sprockets to move otherwise they'll mangle the freehub body. Make sure you have the right lockring for the cassette / have tightened the cassette lockring enough. If all else fails, a 1mm spacer behind the cassette shouldn't be a problem if it removes any movement.
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    I thought that if you were running a 10 speed Campag hub you required a thin spacer in order to fit the 11 speed cassette? My old mavic ES wheelset has signs of wear to the paint on the hub because the spacer had not initially been fitted, the LBS mechanic explained and fitted one for me.

    An 11 speed specific campag hub should not have the same issue.
  • Thanks guys- the wheels are the 2011 model suitable for 11 speed & I am using the Campag locking ring supplied with the cassette, there is only a tiny amount of play but I would expect none at all. Think I might try a thin spacer.
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    If the locking ring is firmly fitted there should be no play until the hub bushings start to wear. Fit the spacer, should sort it straight away. I cannot remember the size of the spacer but it was very thin indeed.
  • Update: I have fitted spacer & fully tighten lock ring and there is still a small amount of play.
    Is there a problem with the wheel free hub or the cassette?
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    Do all the sprockets move?
    Try tightening the axel a little, that may remove the play you are experiencing
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    Is the play on the sprockets or the freehub body? Some axial play on the body can be tolerated.
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    It will most likely be the freehub body surely.
    You dont need spacers.

    Take the wheel out the frame, take the cassete off and waggle yes waggle the freehub. If it moves its the hub.
    It will need servicing if so
  • Again thanks for the advice, I will check the hub & the axel for play. It appears that the movement is mainly in the set of large sprockets but this could be that they are easier to move. I will report back later.
  • Further update, checked wheel again- axel is OK but appears the play is in the freehub.
    Bought from Slane cycles in October only have done a few miles on them will contact Slane now to see if they will replace/repair wheel.
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    interesting .... give us an update now won't you?
  • Quick update if anyone's interested.

    Wheel was returned to the shop and found to be faulty- repaired by Mavic.
    All seems OK much improved there is still a tiny amount of play but this may be normal, hopefully if we have good weather this weekend I can test out on some rides!

    Further update;

    Rode over the weekend- same problem despite the repair. Now have sent wheels back for a refund & purchased Gipiemme Tecno 716Pro. I disappointed with the Mavics as they look good and performed well but I have lost confidence in them hence the change- hope not a case of out of the frying pan into the fire!