Spare Tubes and minim pump for my: Cube Agree SL

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Hi i recently bought the Cube Agree SL. Had the first puncture on the first ride since i didnt have the right pump to obtain perfect tire pressure. (Coming from Mountain Bikes)

Bike came with "Schwalbe Ultremo R1"s with size 622x23 on "Easton Vista SL wheels". I was looking to order some spare tubes online but all i see are 700x23. Will 700x23 work with my wheels/tires?? whats the difference?

Also, looking at this pump because the user reviews say everything i wanted to hear. ... p-ec018029

please advise.
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  • Yes m8 700's will be fine, that pump btw is great, I have one.


    Please note the 18/25 refers to the width(18mm min 25 max) and the 700 is the Circumference,

    The 622 is a strange Circumference size(just another method to confuse us) but it's the same as the 700

    I hope this helps