Advice: Cyclocross Wheel Build

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Hi there,

I have a Kona Major One single speed (42T x 18T) and want to use the existing Alex Rims (R390) as commuting/fair weather tyres (running inner tubes) and then build a set of tubeless wheels for offroad riding. Currently I have experimented running Stans tubeless kit with the Alex Rims and Schwalbe Rocket Rons but the match isn't that reliable. So the Alex Rims will go back to running tubes with the Conti Speed King Cross tyres it came with and I am building a new set of wheels as below. These will be the main wheels for the bike, which has a really nice Scandium frame and carbon fork.

Stans ZTR Alpha 340 Rims
Stans tubeless kit
DT Competition spokes
Formula Hubs eg RB-51/52
White industries Eno gear ring (they also have a twin gear!)
Schwalbe Rocket Rons

My current Alex Rim wheel set up weighs just over 3kg. I think the above will bring weight down to @2kg. I use the bike for cx sportives and long winter rides with a mixture of back roads and off road riding. Am loving the single speed and am hoping this wheel set up will enhance the riding experience of my bike, bring the weight down to 8.5kg and provide hassle free, no punctures riding.

(I've thought about the freewheel v freehub (eg Hope) but this adds weight and cost so staying with the traditional set up).

Any thoughts? Am asking a local bike shop to build the wheels and source the parts but if you see any issues with the above then any advice appreciated.

Many thanks,