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BMX Bear
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My DT 240 freehub is pretty grooved where the cassette has 'bitten' into it.

It'll need to be changed, does anyone know if there are harder wearing replacements available, will a Shimano Dura Ace Ti body fit?

Anyone have any experience.

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  • Grooving? Can't see why you need to replace. Maybe there is a case for tightening up your lockring to the correct torque.
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    only a dt swiss body will fit and at around £80 theyre not cheap. they can look quite bad cosmetically when a cassette bites into them but if it still works dont worry about it. only change it if the cassette is moving around.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, I though I'd have to go down the DT route. Just wondered if anyone had an option.

    £20, lucky fine that one Wappy!
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  • I have a DT freehub body for Shimano to fit the 240 hub...
    It's done about 300 miles, then I swapped to Campagnolo. If you want it, send me a PM and we can agree on a price
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