Campagnolo 11 sp groupset fitting tools

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Going to build my new bike myself, need to learn as in the long run servicing will be cheaper and at the minute I dont have the understanding for many small jobs.

I've started to buy some tools and watch some of campag's videos on fitting.

I own so far a BBB torque wrench set, a pedal spanner and a park bbt-5 (BB & Cass Locking Tool).

What else do I need? Only what the extra tools you can't find in a toolbox chain whip etc, as I can get my hand on most things in work.

cheers cal

p.s. on chain whips do I need a 11sp one? plus i,ve discounted buying a 11sp chain tool on cost
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  • If it's power torque, you need a 14 mm hexagonal bit for your torque wrench, if it's Ultra torque you need the Campagnolo 10 mm extension and a 17 mm socket (or a 10 mm hexagonal bit) for your torque wrench.
    To install the ergos you need a T20 star key or the equivalent bit for your torque wrench...
    The rest is pretty much standard stuff... allen keys. You will probably need an 11 speed chain tool... as for the cassette you can probably do with a normal whip (not sure here).

    If you have Power Torque, you might want to buy also the Campagnolo Power Torque crank extractor as you're there, while for Ultra Torque there's no need
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  • cal_stewart
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    ultra-torque crank so i'll need the tool for that.
    eating parmos since 1981

    Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Aero 09
    Cervelo P5 EPS
  • Your Park BB/cassette tool will not be wasted, and likewise your pedal spanner, assuming your pedals have flats. And your torque wrench will no doubt come in handy.

    I believe Tacx do a good tool for UT bb cups, in that it has a plastic insert to reduce chances of damaging them.

    I would be lost without a good set of hex wrenches. I dislike the T handle types, and instead use an extra long set from Bondhus with the 'ball' ends. You can 'twidle' these with one hand.

    Spend a good £20 on some cable cutters.

    I've got a Campag 10 speed chain whip and like you I am wondering whether it will work with an 11 speed cassette. A Campag 11 speed chain whip is sure to be a somewhat desirable work of art, but an expensive one at that.
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    Don't worry about a chain whip just get a Pedros Vise Whip, soooo much better.
  • ultra-torque crank so i'll need the tool for that.

    I like Ultra torque, it's very easy to install/uninstall and you'll need to do it often as the bearings on the crank arms are not very well protected and are not very good quality and need to be kept clean and greased to avoid corrosion
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