amatuer racing - an intro please!

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I've just read the racing sticky and it's not quite what I'm after.
I've been riding for years and entered dozens of XC and enduro races. I don't know why I have never entered a DH race; probably because I've never come across advertisements for any.

Is entering a DH race like entering an XC race? So - £25 entrance, turn up, bang out your race, go home... Or is it more complicated than that? And how do you find out where events are? Do you have to fight to get a place at these events?
I did look up the Ben Nevis 6hr Enduro which sounded awesome until I found out it was £70 entrance :shock:

Any advice would be awesome - I'm pretty fed up of XC races and I've got a descent enough bike take now. Cheers


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    Never entered a XC race, so can't compare between the two xD but will say what mostly goes on, from races Iv been in.

    1) Turn up and practice, race courses are normally marked out a week beforehand, so any practice is useful.

    2) On the day, you can end up paying your race fee etc and get your number board too. But some might require you to register and pay online, so check this first.

    3) Some places use seeding runs, so slowest riders goes first, then fastest riders last, or some just go in registration order or number plate order. They will mention this normally or you can just ask :)

    4) You will most likely do three runs, and your fastest time will be used. You will do one run, and so will everyone else, then second, then everyone else etc. AND MAKE SURE YOUR AT THE START LINE ON TIME!!!!

    6) Some organizers might ask for the race board back, so check this again before leaving

    5) If you know you have won something in your category, its worthwhile sticking around for your prize's yes? :D

    Full face crash hats are required, and depending on who is running it, bar ends. Body armor is also highly recommended! Race speeds = more of a chance of crashing and badly.

    Hope this helps, and good luck 8)
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    great, nice response.
    where do you go to find races? I did find a webby that had a pretty detailed calendar of races but having searched them online I couldn't find anything

    Eg city of steel DH in March
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  • You can choose these websites they are and and these are the one's I race in. As I have never done any XC myself as it might be differant to DH, as in entering wise. So check out the websites and see what you think.
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    I did look up the Ben Nevis 6hr Enduro which sounded awesome until I found out it was £70 entrance :shock:

    Remember that includes a full day's uplift which is usually £29. It's pretty awesome value tbh, for the amount of runs you can do (I think 16 was the winning number last time :shock: ). Also I think they'll be closing the red run for the day as well so less lift queues. I'm looking forward to it, I wouldn't do an SDA or similiar as I know i'd be competing for last place ;)

    On the one hand it could be a good first race as it's sort of halfway between a regular race and an uplift day, and it's not like some events where you're spending the whole weekend for just one or two timed runs. I did 4 timed runs in my last race and completely cocked 2 up, that's not a good hit rate! But on the other, it's a big track, not the hardest skills wise but unrelenting and physically a monster.

    TBH if I was you, I'd look for a cheaper push-up race to dip your toe in. Pushing up is for plebs and povs mind but it's good for the soul to do it sometimes.

    Oh roots and rain seems a good site too but Southern Downhill is the daddy.
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    Ah hey guys, thanks for the responses again. For some reason the BR forum stops notifying me further reponses so I have to come back and see - if I haven't forgotten I'd asked a question.

    I'll start looking for some push-up, basic DH races and consider a big one like the DH enduros in future
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    Have you looked at the racers guild website?

    They hold races every month at stile cop at cannock, which has some great runs.....

    Its not really a proper race as such, more a timed practice, but it gets you into the feel of things.

    They ask for a £5 donation towards the club, which pays for equipment etc..

    I keep meaning to check one of these days out, but ive obly ridden cannock 4 times, so need to get a bit more confident. ... m.php?f=12
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    excellent, cannock is over 2 hours away so wouldn't be aregular there but I am heaing over in a month - fingers crossed for a session whilst I'm there.
    Good link
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    2 hours from sherwood pines?..... takes me 1.5 hours, its not a bad drive at all and well worth it.
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    From Newark, though thinking about it - I set off from Lincoln when I did the 2hr drive so yeah, it'll be closer now.
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    *AJ* wrote:
    Something or other about Racersguild

    RG timed practice days are NOT races. We offer a chance for riders to get timed runs down a set course, but we do not rank riders, we do not split them into categories and there are no winners.

    Entry to our timed practice days is free, but we do ask that those who are able drop a few pounds in our donations tin to help square our insurance, medic and equipment costs.

    All are welcome, just make sure you have bar end plugs and a full face helmet.

    As for regional racing:
    Check out SDH for race info. You will need to book onto a race series early, they all sell out.

    Once there, you go and sign on, get your race plate, preferably walk the course, then do your practice. After practice, the start list is posted and you'll be told when you must be at the top of the hill. Make sure you're up there in time for your run. At regionals, you have an unseeded race run, and a seeded race run, based on your first time. Whichever is the fastest run is the one that your final result is based on.

    Make sure to read the series rules regarding equipment. BC rules state that you must wear a full face helmet and that you must have bar end plugs. Different rules apply based on your age cat/race series.

    Forget DH enduros until you've done a DH race or you'll be paying mega money for something you may not enjoy.


    Alex @
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    Alex wrote:
    *AJ* wrote:
    Something or other about Racersguild

    RG timed practice days are NOT races. We offer a chance for riders to get timed runs down a set course, but we do not rank riders, we do not split them into categories and there are no winners.

    Alex @

    I did say it was timed practice not a race in my third sentence.
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    Every time someone mentions Racersguild timed practice days and racing in the same sentence, British Cycling kills a fairy :wink:
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    LMAO!!! Maybe you should rename the club to 'timed practices guild'....
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    Timed practices are only a small part of what RG does.

    Our team:

    Racersguild is there to get people racing, and there to help take the best to the top. Timed practice days introduce riders who have never raced before to a time trial situation, without the pressure or expense of racing.

    We've created a big community of racers at Cannock Chase. They help keep our trails in good nick and they help each other out at races, and some are selected for the RG squadron team itself. Our results speak for themselves! ... ld/riders/
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    Fingers crossed for a new front wheel arriving tomorrow then I'm going to get out and explore Stile Cop - keeping an eye on the calendar and hopefully I'll be there soon
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