Dual Pivot Brakes Won't Open

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I have a Speciallized Allez '10 with Dual Pivot Brakes which won't open. After a 10mi ride they were not releasing properly.

Pull on the Brake Lever - Pads contact rim - Release Lever - Pads remain in position against rim.

Any advice please?


  • It could be a number of things. The pivots may be stiff due to lack of lubrication. It could also be the cable that is binding in the outer sheath. It could also be the spring that is broken.

    Try disconnecting the cable and see if the brake arms move freely by squeezing together and letting go. If id doesn't then that points to the pivots or the broken spring. I it does move freely then this points to the brake cable. In this case try pulling the leaver so the cable goes up into the outer. Then put it back and see if it is free. There should be minimal restistance. I light oil on the inner cable and a flush out of the outer with WD40 should slove that problem.
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    A couple of things to try:

    1. Are the pads aligned with the rim correctly? If they are low they can wedge under the rim.
    2. Release the cable clamp. If, having done so, the brake opens and can be operated smoothly by hand, then your cables are bunged up and need to be replaced. If the brake doesn't open then you've got a load of road grungit in the pivots and you'll need to clean them out and lubricate them.
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    It's probably dirt causing the caliper to seize.

    Have a look at this thread:


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