Lightest carbon clincher wheelset

Grifteruk Posts: 244
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I've seen a lot of threads about the best carbon clinchers and everyones opinions based on their own experiences. This is great as it gives a good base on info to inform buying choices.

However whilst everyones opinions on wheel choices varies, I've not seen a recent thread which outlines the lightest carbon clincher wheelset for depths of 38mm to 50mm. I know some people will say a few grams don't matter and that may be so, but I want to just ID the lightest options to compare to the top marque brands like Zipp or Mavic etc...

I know rim weight and hub weight is often as important as overall weight and so far the lightest I've found are Reynolds dv46 ul clinchers at 1405g claimed weight. That seems pretty good to me but if anyone else seen anything better, I'd like to know about it?