Fulcrum Racing 7 Free Hub compatibility

jeznewsome Posts: 17
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As primarily an MTBer I am hoping someone can shed some light on the compatibility of the Shimano Freehub on racing 7s.

I got myself some new Racing 3s at the weekend and started a bit of musical wheels and tyres in the garage moving wheels about to hopefully release the lowest spec ones as spare. I was hoping that I would be able to fit the BBB Shimano Compatible 9 Speed casette onto the 7s for my Ribble winter bike, but it wouldn't fit. I tried a 9 Speed 105 Cassette and it wouldn't fit. The basic shape of the lugs on the freehub body would line up with the Cassette but the freehub seemed just a little too large in diameter

The 10 speed Shimano 105 and Ultegra Cassettes that were about fitted on fine.

So are there different Shimano 9 and 10 spd standards and is the Racing 7 effectively a 10Spd only wheel.......? Can someone please explain?


  • I think newer racing 7s have a 10 speed only hub - the splines are the same pattern as 9s but are taller.