Front derailleur problem

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Picked up my new bike today, it's fitted with campag centaur. The front derailleur will shift from small to large ring but can be pushed back by hand.... And dropped to small ring whilst riding.......

If I put my fingers on the derailleur itself it takes very little pressure to push it back over the small ring.... Should it do this? Have I missed something very obvious??



  • If the derailluer is having trouble shifting from big to small , it's usually a case that either the cable is sticky or that the deralluer itself needs oiling where it pivots. Neither should really be the case on a brand-new bike, but hey ho.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    It will shift from both small to large and back again. However once in the large ring it will slip back to the small with a small amount of pressure applied to the derailleur cage itself.

    Almost as if whatever ratchet is meant to hold it in place isn't strong enough??
  • Ah, in that case, I would say that you need a bit more tension in your cable, so that the cage is a bit further over when in the big-ring. That stops it jumping down.
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    Worked beautifully.

    Thanks for the help
  • 99% of the bad shifting/chain dropping are due to lack of tension...
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