Freehub Body, Cassette & Axle Lock Nut.

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The Freehub body (unbranded) on my Shimano 525 hub recently started sticking, so I decided to replace it. I ordered the Deore M510/525 Freehub body (Y3A398020) from CRC.

Anyway fitting the Freehub body should have been a simple task, but unfortunately it hasn’t turned out that way! ... 728349.pdf

When I finished putting everything back together, the axle locknut (No 3 in the techdocs) is sitting flush with the cassette lockring. This means that the cassette is pushed against the frame. I thought I must have forgotten to put a spacer or washer in and I striped the hub again. I checked the techdocs and rebuilt the hub bit by bit. The cassette still pressed against the frame. I then fitted the old freehub body, which was fine and the axle locknut sat a couple of mm outside of the cassette. No problems and the cassette sat a couple of mm away from the frame. Anyway I then refitted the new freehub body but unfortunately the axle lock nut sits flush with the cassette, which still presses against the frame! Aaaaarrrgggghhhh.

I can’t work out what is wrong? I ordered the Deore M510/525 as this seemed an obvious fit with the 525 hub. The Shimano tech docs and product code list it as an 9 speed.

Should or can I insert an additional washer for the axle drive side, so that the axle locknut sits just outside of the cassette? Or would this damage the axle?

This little problem has well and truly stumped me………………….


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    of both bodies and both ends of the hub as re built.
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  • Original Freebody

    Original Freebody with cassette fitted (Note you can see the axle lock nut)

    New Freebody

    New Freebody with cassette fitted (Axle lock nut can no longer be seen)

    With both freehubs fitted, there is no difference in visable axle thread on the non drive side. Unlike the drive side!
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    You did strip the axle from the non-dirve side? I always have. If you're running a disc hub then fit another locknut onto the drive side and reposition the calliper. Doesn't explain the problems you're having but is a cure.
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    add a spacer or 2 to the drive side.

    Presuming that unfitted the cassette and hub all spin as they should. it looks like the body spacing is slightly different.
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