running 9 speed chain on 10 speed chainrings - OK?

neil² Posts: 337
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I have a 9 speed rear mech - Tiagra. I need to replace the crank set and chain rings. Can I put on a 10 speed 105 or Ultegra?

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  • Yes
    Dolan Preffisio
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  • andy_wrx
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    A 9sp rear mech - what's that matter?

    Rather more important are the shifters and cassette - are they 9sp and you'll be running a 9sp chain ?

    If so, then sure : 10sp chainrings are wide enough for a 9sp chain to run on, are not so far apart that it would fall down between them.
  • neil²
    neil² Posts: 337
    Thanks - that's reassuring.

    It's all 9 speed at the moment and I just need to change the crankset.

  • rake
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    i run an 8 speed setup on a sora 9/10 speed crank . it works good. mines rated 9/10 speed maybe all shimano are.
  • maddog 2
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    you know you won't get any extra gears.....
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