Dedacciai Scuro RS

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Interesting Bike Radar article about the new Dedacciai range (amongst other things).

Does anyone know if the 2011 Scuro RS is actually any different from the 2010 model? The website sort of implies that the "anti-wrinkle process" is new for 2011 without saying outright that the 2011 RS is any different from the 2010 one. They look absolutely identical apart from the new orange colour option.

The other thing I'm wondering as a Scuro RS owner is whether the ISP of the new Super Scuro has the same cross section as the Scuro RS. If it does, it should be able to take the Super Scuro's seatmast. This looks like it could easily be quite a bit lighter than the RS seatmast, which weighs almost as much as a normal seatpost...