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saw the 2 for £30 deal on planet x re their carbon cages,despite posting a query and also emailing them last week i have had no my question is are these any good with the larger water bottles? i currently use the SIS 1000ml ones (yes i know i drink a lot!!) would consider dropping down to the smaller 800ml ones but i need to know if they will hold these large bottles securely. i emailed a couple of sellers on ebay re their cheap carbon bottle cages and both were suprisingly honest and told me that they were rubbish holding large bottles. any advice appreciated guys.


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    Carbon isn't great for cages - get the plastic tacx Tao ones - as light and grip better and a fiver or so.
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    These are by far the best cages iv ever used.
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    Tacx Tao are good, but I'd love to know where you can get them for a fiver.
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  • i use the carbon planet x ones and they're fine, never had any problems and i use two 800ml SIS bottles.
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    I use a large bottle on my PX cage and no problem for the last 2 years I've had it.
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    ditto - I have had no problems using 950ml Tacx bottles with the P-X carbon cages.
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    mroli Posts: 3,622 £10 for carbon bottle cages.... People seem to be carrying 1l bottles ok in them.

    Tacx Tao's are great though - but I don't know where you can get them for less than a tenner...
  • PX cages are excellent quality and hold bottles well; had them on my now departed PX SL.

    now have Elite Custom on all my modern bikes as they are superb and relatively cheap, they are used by pros (like that matters) and look ace on my bikes!
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  • Many thanks for the replies guys you have settled my mind. Price wasnt an issue as wife buying them for me so planet x it is! Still annoyed they never replied to my query tho!
  • mind you just seen the ones on wiggle many thanks for the link mroli!
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    Oops the Tao must have gone up since I last bought them - so they're durable too !

    Ribble have them for £8.49.
  • Carbon is fine for cages if you buy the right cages - much as with plastic cages. carbon costs more but weighs less. It's light and bling which is what gives many people satisfaction.

    One definite disadvantage of both carbon and plastic cages is that they can't normally be adjusted, as metal cages can. With an alu cage you can bend it in to make it hold the bottle tighter ... a good idea for riding on pave for example.

    To the OP, I've used P-X carbon cages on one of my bikes for nearly 5 years and they've never broken or lost a bottle. Admittedly I have never raced on pave while using them.