Help with trainer ive just bought? Is this right?

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Hi all

just bought myself a Minoura RDA 80 rim drive trainer. Weather turning here in Mallorca and want it to use as a last option when i cant get out/. Tried to set it up last two nights and given me the right ump it has. I read loads of reviews on it so decided yes I will go for that one as it was on offer here and there is not a lot of choice here. Anyway im using my road bike on it and are they supposed to feel like on the road as this thing does not its not realistic at all? Am i expecting too much? It feels as though its slipping lots and is not very smooth at all, none of the "levels" make a bit of difference but I think thats a cable adjusment? Kind of regretting it now but think a normal one where the tyre sits on the metal cylinder would have been a better option? Or am i just missing somehting? any help really appreciated as i dont like the thought of chiucking money away but at the moment cant see me using this at all? any help or anyone familer with rim drive that i might be doing wrong?
thanks lots in advance!!!!!


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    Avoid rim drive turbos at all cost. Bit late now but, well, there it is!
  • I had to google it to see what they meant by 'rim-drive'.
    Can't say I liked the look of it...
  • It's got 10 positive reviews on the Evans site.

    Might not need to swap to a training tyre but you must need to use an old wheel ...?
    rim wear and tear on and expensive wheelset....? would you?
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  • I thought the evans revies and other reviews would have meant something too. hey ho i guess I will stick it up for sale with all the other gear i need to get rid of! 5hit. live and learn
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    I test rode one a few years ago and agree it was lumpy and noisy - can see the appeal to MTB riders who can't be @rsed to change tyres and don't know what "smooth road" feels like, but in comparison to magnetic / fluid trainers with a tyre roller there was no comparison
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  • Rim drive turbos are for MTB bikes aren't they? They were designed so that knobbly tyres didn't need to be changed around. With their wider tougher rims it's probably a good turbo, but on a road bike???
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