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V's and Drops

GarethPJGarethPJ Posts: 295
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I've a tourer I use as a winter hack which is equipped with Cantis. They've never been much use and after another winter of road cack they really need replacing. I could buy decent set of cantis, but I have a more or less new set of V's in the shed. I can think of two alternative ways of achieving this; the first is travel agents; the second is Dia Compe 287V levers.

Anybody got experience of either? The travel agents don't seem to me to be a particularly elegant solution and I've heard bad reports of the Dia Compe levers. Or has anybody got any other suggestions?




  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    The Dia Compe levers are rubbish. I've got 2 pairs lying gash. You would be better off with the Cane Creek V specific levers imo which are actually swept back to get closer to the bars. I use these on my Pompino and actually have a spare pair I think from my partners bike (She went to caliper brakes and used the specific lever)
  • GarethPJGarethPJ Posts: 295
    Those Cane Creek levers look nice, but they open another dilemma. For that money (and the new bar tape) I could get a decent set of cantis. So many choices.
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    if you can find me a UK price for those CC levers and I can find them we may be able to come to an arrangement :)
  • GarethPJGarethPJ Posts: 295
    Called the LBS and they say they can get me a pair for 52 quid, which seems pretty steep.

    However a friend has suggested I should fit the mini-V's he uses on his CX bikes. They work with standard levers, cost a fraction of the price of a set of the best cantis and he reckons they work a lot better. I'm going to measure up his to make sure they'll clear my guards. If they'll fit I'll be giving them a try.
  • georgeegeorgee Posts: 537
    I use mini v's on my road rat with full guards, they clear the mud guards (just) and work fairly well, they're dirt cheap as well
  • elcanielcani Posts: 280
    The Diacompes are indeed awful, I bought a pair and they were so badly made that the lever didn't move freely. I sent them back and replaced the with Tektro RL520s which are much better. Cheap, too. ... elID=34840

  • bobloboblo Posts: 360
    I have both the Tektro 520's and Dia Compe 287v's. The Tektro's are better finished and slightly better quality. They both work perfectly with V brakes (I have both Shitmano and Avid's).

    I've used normal levers with mini V's and low profile cantis and they aren't as good as the above levers and V brakes.

    Buy the Tektro's, you won't be dissapointed.
  • GarethPJGarethPJ Posts: 295
    I think I'll give the mini V's a try this weekend, if only because fitting them will be less hassle. No need to mess about with the bar tape.
  • I got some Campag mini V's a while ago from Mercian - much better than canti's.
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