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Sizing for replacement Boardman Team parts

fred22fred22 Posts: 509
edited January 2011 in Workshop
Hi, Ive got a lovely naked Boardman Team Carbon frame at home waiting for bits. Its actually this one but its just the colour thats limited.

I've sourced some components but am trying to think of all the bits I'll require. In particular I wondered if any technical expert or Boardman team owner could answer the following couple of questions (please forgive the ignorance). I am amazed that there is no answer to these two questions on the internet, surely??

1. It came originally with FSA Orbit integrated cartridge bearing headset: I'm guessing from stuff I've read whilst not definite that this is, for example, an FSA Orbit CE Integrated 1 1/8 inch Headset such as here at Evans. Could anyone confirm size etc please?

2. I need a band on front mech, does anyone know what size, I dont have calipers for measuring and guess this needs to be a pretty accurate measurement.

Thanks very much in advance, I may have a replacement bb type question too, but am presuming this is English thread.
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