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Hi all. Have a nice bike I picked up but de seat was worn on it so bike shop put on a average seat. A giant one. I guess it's ok but not mad on it. Just wondering if seats make much difference. Was thinking of a selle d italia one. Are they worth the money. And as I Hav a birthday coming up it just may be on de list.

Any thoughts


  • skyd0g
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    After more than 20 miles, the seat or 'saddle' makes a BIG difference. :wink:

    ...however, the saddle that works for you is very much personal preference. ...and preferably when used in combination with a suitable pair of padded bib-shorts.
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  • JRooke
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    I converted to the the Fizik Arione, was quite frustrating the incredible difference, really gives your legs a bit more freedom while somehow adding extra support to your backside. I think I spent £90 on ebay for it new, absolutely love it though, worth every penny, going to take something very special to get me off it.
    My previous saddle was a Specialized BG, not a patch on the Arione.