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Shimano. Ultegra or SRAM force??

paulc33paulc33 Posts: 254
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Been thinking of replacing the group set on my bianchi at the moment I have a mix of shimano ultegra and 105.

What would people recommend getting all ultegra or SRAM force?
I really like the SRAM double tap system!

Also what is the SRAM rival like?
How do I know what bottom bracket I require to?

Any advise would be great.
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    Up to you can't make the decision for you, if you like the Sram system go for it. Rival has less carbon in it and is a bit heavier, works in a similar way though. Why not do some 'googling' and check the relative weights? Rival is equivalent of the new 105, Force the new Ultegra - possibly a bit lighter even.

    Bottom Bracket, again Google and see if you can find it, will be either English or Italian, don't assume it's Italian just because the bike is! I suspect it will be English as had a quick Google myself.

    Best of luck
  • From a pesonal viewpoint, Force all the way.
    I tried both out on demo bikes, and was suprised just how much better Force is. Go and try and make up your own mind.
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  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    Campag Chorus?
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  • benno68benno68 Posts: 1,689
    A very personal choice, I'm happy with Ultegra and not fussed on the double tap SRAM.

    Can;t add any more than the advice above re: the BB

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  • I used to be a Shimano boy for years but put the Force groupset on my Dolan......

    Double-Tap I like but the front derailleur needs a little more force than I would like from the lever end.....but everything else is excellent.. Setup of gears I found much easier than Shimano, especially when I recently changed cables......but, threading the gear cables is way more fiddly than Shimano's system.
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  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    I've run a Force groupset for about 18-24 months now, never a band moment, still never evn had to adjust a cable :wink:
    I'm now building a new bike up, using Red this time. So, I'm replacing my 6700 Ultegra with the Force from current bike, then I'll sell the Ultegra.
    IMHO SRAM Force is much closer to DA than it is to Ultegra. :wink:
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  • robz400robz400 Posts: 160
    Having done tons of research into this over the last couple of months whilst choosing my new bike I've come to the conclusion that any mid range groupset upwards from any of the main 3 work beautifully.

    It seems to come down to which shifters you like best. I've chosen Campagnolo as the hoods are very comfortable and I’m a sucker the Italian heritage thing

    Choose the shifter design or company that suits you, then buy the best level group you can afford...
  • niblueniblue Posts: 1,387
    I''ve got SRAM on one of my bikes and it's fine, however given the choice I'd still rather go with Shimano as I find it a bit more natural in use than the double-tap system. It's not really an issue though so I've no plans to change the groupset on that bike.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Unless your groupset is really shagged you prob won't notice much difference in performance. Cheapest way to get a new groupset is usually as part of a new bike. ;-)
  • clx1clx1 Posts: 200
    Campagnolo Athena or Chorus, it's the obvious choice for a Bianchi with Fulcrum wheels.
  • wickedwicked Posts: 844
    CLX1 wrote:
    Campagnolo Athena or Chorus, it's the obvious choice for a Bianchi with Fulcrum wheels.

    Wise words indeed.
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  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
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    The comment earlier about Campagnolo with a Bianchi is correct - the aesthete would pick Campagnolo.

    On Force vs. Ultegra ... the big issues as mentioned are whether you get on with double tap and the lever shape. Only you can work that one out. I'd probably go Ultegra as I find SRAM too snap, crackle and pop but others love it. SRAM is obviously a fair bit lighter.
  • I am running with 105 and Force, TBH I am finding the SRAM crisper on the change also I find the dbl tap better, The Shimano feels as though it has more substance to it, which is fine, 1 issue I do have is when moving the break lever oops sorry gear lever.......... :!:

    My point is the SRAM gear change system is IMO much more matter of fact!

    After all that I have a new bike en route with Campo groupset. :lol:
  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    I'm intruiged by this moving the brake/gear lever thing on Shimano as I hear of it now and again but can't see what the issue is in my experience. Is it a smaller hands thing?

    To me Shimano feels the most natural and comfortable. On Campag I have to move my hand too much from its natural position just to use the thumb shifter and on Sram there's the annoying wrong shift that can occur on hills (my error but still unwelcome), the least comfortable hoods and my right hand would cramp up always using that one paddle considering the amount i had to pull my finger towards my palm to use it. Just felt all wrong.

    For me Shimano>Campag>Sram but that's based on my own comfort in using them.

    Your preference in that respect should probably be your priority, not everyone elses.

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  • bcssbcss Posts: 174
    Have ridden both (though Ultegra only on a test ride) and have decided for Force and am happy with it. The only thing it seems to me that it needs to be adjusted quite often, but it might be only me as other people don't have the problem.

    A tipp: Whatever you buy get a Dura-Ace chain, it runs much smoother also if the rest is SRAM
  • Mike67Mike67 Posts: 585
    Please stop :shock:

    I've just ordered a load of Ultegra (6600 admittedly) to finally replace my Winter weary and ageing and 9 speed Tiagra so of course I am forced to keep reading this thread to find out the good news :D

    BTW Why is 10 speed so much more expensive than 9 speed, even when it's on offer?
    Guess the World of 10 is a wonderful place....just pricey :wink:
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