Question on replacing BB with a Chris King square taper BB

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I will be tackling the Fred Whitton again this year and experience tells me that I need a triple chainset to get up Hardknott.

I have managed to get hold of a lovely TA Carmina triple chainset which I would like to install onto my Kuota Kharma. Only trouble is it requires a square tapered BB. I was thinking of investing in a decent Chris King BB for the job, but I'm not sure of the thread of a Kharma BB shell. Is it Itallian or English ? Does anyone know what BB crank length I would need for the carmina crankset ? Am I likely to encounter unforeseen problems that I've overlooked ? I'm assuming that the 105 STI's that came with the bike (2008) are both double and triple compatible.

Any advice or comments are will be gratefully received.


  • Wappygixer
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    I have a Kuota Kebel and its english thread for the bottom bracket.
    Before you buy a bottom bracket you need to find out what taper your cranks are.TA do both ISO and JIS tapers.Get the wrong taper and the sizing will go out the window.
  • Wappygixer
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    I've just searched and it seems that the Carimina is ISO so not sure if a Chris king will fit.
    TA bottom brackets are still pretty good though, or you could use Campag.
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    Chris King doesn't do square taper only Shimano type outboard bearings. You'll need a TA or Stronglight BB or a Campag (prob.115mm if triple) or if you want to spend the money then Royce or Phil Wood are reassuringly expensive. You'll need English thread nd your shifters may/may not be triple. Campag are because they are made that way but Shimano are double or triple specific
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    You won't go wrong with a Phil Wood. I've used one for years with a TA cyclotourist crank. Check here for product info and they're very helpful on answering questions by email
    Also, this place sells them with free worldwide delivery and are probably another source for info as well.