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setting up cleats and shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

murfeeymurfeey Posts: 68
edited January 2011 in MTB general
have spds and shoes,followed set up instructions,problem I have is after a longish ride ,left leg begins to ache,rear of the leg,at joint?feels really tight?any help on set up gladly received.

cheers murf.


  • BG2000BG2000 Posts: 517
    Did you change anything else on the bike, or simply install new clipless pedals and replaced shoe cleats ?

    Make sure you've not set your saddle too high or too low though, as this can cause knee problems.

    Did you have clipless pedals before ?

    Let us know what model of pedal and cleat you have now.

    You may have fixed your cleat in an awkward position that is twisting your leg ?

    Most people aren't symmetrical and their thighs/knees don't move parallel to the bike when pedalling. This isn't an issue with normal flat pedals and shoes as the foot is free to move around, but can make your knee feel twisted when your feet are locked in place with clipless pedals.

    Some pedals offer a bit of 'float' which means the cleat has some rotation without actually starting to unclip from the pedal. Time XS pedals offer the most float. Shimano don't offer much.

    My preference is to get my position perfect and be locked in tightly with Shimano SPD pedals. I found 'floaty' pedals didn't make me feel as safe on fast downhills.
  • omegasomegas Posts: 970
    First of all sit on something that leaves you legs hanging and see what position your feet are at.
    When using flats look at the position of your knees / feet and how they react as you pedal, are they square or slightly in or out, when you have done this position your cleats as required.

    You are now using different muscle groups so expect some aching the first times you use them.
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