Rear brake not springing back

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Basically my Shimano Ultegra rear brake is not springing back fully after I pull on the brakes, so there is always some slack in the brake cable. The bike has got pretty grubby recently but I have cleaned it regularly as well and it is currently clean but the problem persists.

Anyone know how to solve this? any advice helpfully recieved!


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    Happens quite a bit in the weather, even with mudguards fitted residue from the road surface gunks up the brakes.

    Best solution is to remove the calipers and brake blocks, apply degreaser and swill in the kitchen sink (when the Mrs aint looking). While the brakes are off hold the brake cable and pull the lever to check it's moving freely through the outers - clean cables as needed.

    A quicker option would be to remove the wheel, push the caliper together as far as possible and carefully apply degreaser to the caliper (have a hose at the ready to swill off).

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  • hey, i have the ultegra set - love em
    Um there could be numerous things wrong but the spring behind the brake arm may have come off or broken so check that, also the cable could be rusty and not smooth, so you could either replace. If i am wrong then i am sorry mate.
  • Either the calliper is sticking and needs a bit of attention or more likely the cable has attracted some dirt in it and it isn't passing through the outer as smoothly as it should. The callipers are usually pretty good. Remove the cable from them and see what the action is like with no cable there. It is possible to increase the spring tension a little but find the cause of the problem first.
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    thanks for the advice. I will take the cable off and have a play with some degreaser.