Which shifters that route cable under bar tape?

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How do you tell what type of shifters that route cable under bar tape? Do they have a certain name?




  • not a certain name, mostly higher end groupsets have this feature, Ultregra group set comes to mind...
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    Thanks 1GR just a matter of searching I guess then thanks for ya help!

  • no problem, I'm sure that some Campag, and SRAM group sets also have this feature, but I don't know all of them too well just yet ;)
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    Yeah its looking like a expensive upgrade to change my tiagra 9 speed shifters anyway!
  • at least they're not Sora shifters :P
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    All Sram and Campagnolo does, and current Shimano 105 and up.

    No Shimano 9 speed shifters does. So you would have to upgrade to 10 speed, which will be rather pricey.
  • all current, or all current and past?
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    Was that a question for me, 1stGenRex? If so, it's all Sram road shifters that has been made. I'm not sure about Campagnolo, but at least all current.

    For Shimano, only current 105, Ultegra and DuraAce does (and you can still buy previous versions of at least Ultegra and 105 from new, so be sure).
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    Yeah if I was to do it I would change all to 10 speed or get a whole new bike "prob the best option"

    I dont think I will be going down the shimano route again.
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    With SRAM all current and past have. I don't think they've been around long enough to have a major redesign.

    I may be wrong but I haven't seen any Campy brifters that don't route the cables under the tape in the last 5 years or so so I'm pretty sure they're a safe be too.

    Shimano have only just started to introduce this as they have realised that everyone thinks it looks better...
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    For shimano it's 5700 (105), 6700 (Ultegra) and 7900 (DA) onwards I think.

    Also better for riding with lights on, as the wires don't obscure the beam.