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On the for sale area alot of people want paying buy paypal GIFT, i know that if anything goes wrong you cant get your money back, but when you pay by GOODS people want you to cover the FEES? What are the fees and how much are they as i have looked in paypal and cant find any information on fees for tranfers of money? :?:
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  • Koiler
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    the fees are 4%. the same as if you pay by gift. paying by gift gives you the option to pay the fees instead of passing them on to the seller

    i think people just request gift payment as its easier for them. i usually pay via 'normal' paypal, and add on the 4% so the seller gets the full amount
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    Gift is fees free if you pay from Paypal balance or I think also from a debit card. But you get no protection at all.
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    you definitely dont pay fees when paying from a debit card. (cheeky edit)
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    As above.

    No seller/buyer protection using PayPal Gift, so to avoid any unsavoury experiences just do what Koiler said.
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    Koiler wrote:
    you definitely pay fees when paying from a debit card. either that, or paypal hates me and makes me pay.

    i think in the past, there were no fees involved when paying as gift, but paypal cottoned on to the fact that loads of people were using it to pay for goods and decided to start charging for it. im almost certain its 4%

    I didnt get charged yesterday and never have before when paying 'gift' via debit card. Only get charged if i use my credit card.
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    Hmmm, maybe i used my credit card for the last thing i bought then. or, like i said, paypal hates me
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    ok, so i lied. you dont pay fees when using a debit card, i must have used my credit card too many times!

    i just sent a payment, and incurred no fees. so apologies for making stuff up!
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    This might be of use for calculating Payapl fees etc.
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  • theres no paypal protection when using it outside of Ebay anyways no matter how you pay.

    Basically if the recipient removes the cash from their account asap, paypal can't get it back for you.

    If you have a credit card, use that to pay through paypal. it offers a LOT more protection.
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    Thanks for the feedback, i thought if you bought using goods you had a chance of getting your money back if it went wrong, basically you just have to trust who you are buying from and hope it goes ok, iv bought a few items for less than than £50 on gift no probs but id be a bit reluctant to pay anymore than that.
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