BMC kit going cheap

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Quite new to road cycling and was on the lookout for some better kit now I am putting the miles in. Came across this on BMC's own website....seems very cheap and wondered if anyone had ordered to know how good this replica stuff is and am I likely to pay any charges as the gear is shipped the swiss firm. 2 jerseys and 2 bib shorts with delivery for 45 quid seems a bargain to I missing something? [/img][img][/img]


  • Not sure how to post the pic if anyone can assist
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    Am I missing something, how do you pay? The website checkout says there is only one payment method available, but then doesn't give you an option to enter your credit card details
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    Worked it out - slightly bizzare system where "continue" does nothing but the "tick-box, confirm" gets you to enter your credit card.

    The shorts look worth a punt
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    just ordered the full kit for 24quid posted, bargain!
  • Sold out in XL, Dam
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    Oh dear I am tempted....Will others realise I'm riding a CAAD9 if I wear this outfit? :wink:
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    Hope the size guide are right as I just ordered a medium set - £26 posted can be bad, just got to wait on an SLR01 to be reduced by about 50% and maybe I could get one :wink:

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    I ordered some for my son last autumn. Arrived OK, acceptable quality for the price, but came up a little smaller than expected. May be he grew, but other manufacturers kit of nominally the same size is a little larger, don't know if this is true across the whole size range. Does come in a nice bag though.
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    I bought a set last year, for the price it is excellent, the only problem I found was having the jersey and shorts the same size. Large shorts were good top was slightly baggier than I wanted.

    Only worn it once so far so if anyone finds their top is too small with a medium we could do a swop?
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    I like mine - matches the bike!

    I ordered Medium. The shorts are pretty tight and the vest is a little small.

    I had to send a few email reminders, before they arrived.