Easton EC90sl or Reynolds Assault. 220lb rider

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Looking to upgrade my wheels. A year old barely used set of eastons or new Reynolds?
Anyone any eperience of either?


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    100KG's on those wheels. Hate to say it but i'd be surprised if they held up for long. Also carbon brake tracks at your weight, you won't be stopping very quickly.

    Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR maybe. They're bloody tough with the alloy rim and the brakes will work better. Or if they're over budget then SL's. To be honest you'll gain far more from aerodynamics than weight so don't worry that they're over 1500g. At least they'll last.
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    Agree with the above.
  • I'm 100 KG and have found my Reynolds Assaults nothing but durable. There is no weight limit on them and tbh they're well made so you wouldn't expect any problems. I considered buying the Mavics, but for they money you get an alloy rim with a carbon fairing, IMHO there are better wheels for the money.
    Braking in the wet is a bit dodge, but you take this into consideration. I can see how the above posters might be cautious, but I think as long as you don't go chucking them down great big potholes they will be fine.
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