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Im looking to invest in some bibshorts but having just lost my job I'm not eactly rolling around in money :( I like the look of the dhb Earnley bibshorts on wiggle. Does anyone have these? Had these? Just looking for an honest opinion on whether there is a too cheap.

Also, it looks like I'm in between sizes and I'm not sure wether to go L or XL. I'm 6' 3" and 36" waist.

Thanks in advance.


  • MrChuck
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    I don't have those particular ones but I have a few pairs of dhb tights/shorts and I'm very happy with them so you'd probably be OK.
  • Tom BB
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    They're spot on :D

    In my experience they size up on the larger side of things....I'm in a medium in them but I'm only 5 10 and 65kgs
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    Yep. Found them to be good quality and possibly erring on the large side.
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    Stanley222 wrote:
    Make sure you get the right size though as it's a fairly generous fit!
    Yep. I'm 6', 30" waist and 73kg, and still found their small bibshorts have a bit more space than I need. I find Endura and Gore bibshorts a better fit, but the dhb stuff is well-enough made.
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    I've got a pair of L and I'm 5'11" and a 36" waist and they seem fine, afraid I've only tried them on for fit upto now, not ridden in them but if anything like dhb bibtights then should be great
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    I have some, granted they are womens, but they are the best ones i own. Well worth the money.
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  • ive had a pair for 18 months and they are excellent, they have got a decent pad and are hard wearing, about 100 rides and no hint of any tears, from the first few rides there was a couple of patches where theres some bobbling caused by my catching the inside of my thighs on the seat i think but it hasnt got any worse,i think they a bargain i,d definitely get another pair.ive got the bib tights as well and they are just as good.