specialized pro road shoe discomfort

elcanyonman Posts: 18
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Just got a pair of these and wondered if anyone else had the same problem of the screw digging in on the inside where the strap secures. I know my bone/tendon does stick out a bit more on my left ankle but no other shoes have done it. Seems a shame as they feel super comfy everywhere else. Maybe it's why they went for the boa design


  • emx
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    I had exactly the same problem when mine were new, but it only lasted a few weeks at the most. I just put a strip of plaster tape on the patch where my foot would rub. I did this for a while, then forgot to put the tape on one day and didn't get any problems. Been wearing them for almost a year now with no tape and no further issues - great shoes...
  • nferrar
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    I have some 09 experts (I think...) and had discomfort from the buckle to, ended up switching to s-works in the end as much more comfy. I've previous been fine with Sidi shoes with buckles to so don't think I have a particularly odd foot shape :p