Drop bars which can take clip on tri bars

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What do I need to look out for when buying drop bars with a view to attaching clip on tri bars for TTs? I presume that the OS bulge is where the TT bars clamp on but is there a minimum width for the bulge that I need to consider? Or will pretty much any bars be OK?


  • Monty Dog
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    Most bars are designed to take clip-ons these days - e.g. FSA, Easton or Oval. Best check details for each model of bars. Most clip-ons use the central bulge as this is the strongest part of the bar and also means you avoid getting in the way of the cables.
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    Cheers. that's what I was hoping.
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    Dont buy carbon bars - very few allow tribars to be fitted !
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    I just bought some Deda Newtons from Ribble for just that reason. The centre wide bit on them is plenty wide enough.

    The original bars on my Cannondale didn't quite have a wide enough 'fat' bit to fit clip ons to safely as it was kind of chamfered.
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    I'd not thought about the carbon issue. You've saved me a bit of cash there thanks :)

    Good to know the Newtons fit. They are nice and affordable too.