London To Oslo, Which Bike?

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In September I'm cycling to Oslo from London with a friend of mine. It's 1000 miles and we are aiming to do it over 10 days.

I'm looking for a bike for this and also for commuting and light touring. My friend is doing it on his Specialized Roubaix Elite.

We will have a support vehicle with us but I want something I can put panniers on for future tours.

I also want something I can use for local trips along the Thames Path Way which is a mixture of tarmac and gritty towpaths.

This will be my first road bike.
Can I use a racer on towpaths or should I be looking for an Audax?

The bikes I have been looking at are:

Surosa Audax Toledo S34C ... PriceComp1

Specialized Tricross

Bianchi Via Nirone 7 - 2011

Specialized Secteur Sport

Any help and advice would be much appreciated!


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    Planet X Uncle John ?
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    10 centuries back to back is pretty ambitious but hey, its your holiday.

    Tow-path compatible road bike is going to have more tyre clearance. Tourability = rack and mudguard eyelets, lower gears. You're looking at an Audax or winter-trainer style (eg Kenesis TK ) with a max tyre size not less than 28mm.
    You can do self-sufficient touring on decent roads with 28mm but if you end up on tracks and trails you will benefit from something wider.