Gore Phantom II Issue

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I like my Phantom but I've noticed something. The sleeves twist as I ride it so that the reflective strips on the arms - which I believe are meant to be facing the front and do when I put the jacket on - seem to be rotated in and pointing at my knees. In that position, they are going to be reflecting to nobody.

Anybody else experience this? Any solutions?

PS I'm sure I have the sleeves on the correct sides.
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  • JamieW
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    I have a similar problem to you. Luckily mine rotate in such a way the can just be seen. When I signal to turn (rare I know) they tend to be in the perfect position to catch the lights of on coming cars then,

    Sorry can't be of much more help. Guess it must be a bit of a design flaw
  • andrew 7
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    Same issue here , reflective panel on the sleeves is always tuned inwards , but like jamie they are visible when ( if ) you signal .
  • Same here, design fault me thinks; try using different base layers or no base layer, I do remember one ride where this did not happen, but for the life of me I can not remember what if anything I had underneath. Oh and it no longer repels the water in the way it did (last month when I bought it) :cry:
  • glasgowbhoy
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    Thought that myself when I first got it that the arms were on the wrong side but the zips suggested otherwise. As above it may be for signalling when the arms are outstretched.

    I've worn mine in some pretty horrendous conditions over the last few months and was still warm even on Sat in gale force winds and driving rain for 3 hours.

    The zipper isn't the strongest though and has split on a few occassions.

    I noticed you said previously you couldn't imagine when you'd wear it as a Gilet. I wore it like that with just a base layer from late Oct until just before the bad weather at the start of Dec. Will be great again in the early spring when it's still chilly on the chest but the radiator arms will be fine in a long sleeve base layer.

    Still a great bit of kit.
  • meanredspider
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    Yeah - I've contacted Gore to ask them - even if it just helps with the next gen (Gore is a fantastic company BTW - love the way the culture works - if I get bored of this job, it's certainly a company I'd like to approach)

    The reason why I couldn't imagine wearing it as a gilet is that either my body would be too warm or my arms too cold depending upon the temp.

    It is a fantastic top. I'm a great fan of softshells and think they are so much better than hardshell waterproofs for cycling.
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  • After a bit of a disappointing wait (3 weeks) for a proper response, I was finally asked to return the jacket to Gore in Germany via Wiggle for evaluation. I asked for clarification and got a phone call yesterday.

    It does seem that this sleeve twisting is an unintended characteristic of the jacket (the caller had the same thing happen with his Phantom). I was offered a replacement but we did agree that it was unlikely to be any better. I like the jacket so I'm keeping it. Gore will be looking at this issue for the next generation of jackets. Very happy with the response just a shame it took so long to happen.
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  • bigpikle
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    in case Gore are listening, mine does it too, but what is more frustrating is that the bulk of the back panel is black in exactly the areas you would want the coloured sections to be for max visibility. Most of their jackets are the same except for the SO Oxygen I finally tracked down, so how about a little more colour on the main back panel to help visibility?

    Otherwise an an excellent performing jacket :)
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