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b16 b3n
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just a quick one. I have a 8psd shimano sora/tiagra setup. i just replaced the casette and chain with a HG70 chain. its slipping under tension, fair enough, chain rings maybe worn. But then i noticed when to look at chain rings, its says 10speed, then i noticed the rear mech should 9speed as its the 4500 tiagra, but ive got a 8speed block? The old chain is a hg73 and ive bought a hg70 regarding its a 8speed bike.

Have i bought the wrong chain?

Many thanks



  • whyamihere
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    That's not a problem, they have the same internal width. The problem is that the cassette's too worn for the new chain, and needs replacing.
  • b16 b3n
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    i just replaced the casette and chain , golden rule of thumb. Must be chain rings then. Brilliant
  • darren H
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    When you say slipping , slipping how ?.

    Your chainring must be very worn if it's that bad
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    But the HG70 is an 8sp chain, not 10sp? Chainrings must be very worn indeed hey? Does it jump on both front rings? Take it all indexed correctly?
  • b16 b3n
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    all indexed correctly, my theory is that its going to be the rear jockey wheels, as it does not slip, it jumps under high gearing tension