Problem with my Garmin 705

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Back in November, I treated myself to a pre-Christmas present! I bought a Garmin Edge 70 with HR and Cadence sensor from Amazon (it was nearly half price – an offer I couldn’t ignore!)

Everything was working fine, until two or three days ago. The device now doesn’t capture or display my speed. The device also kept on displaying a message saying that my ride has been paused.

I’ve read in the handbook, that the GSC 10 sensor’s LED should flash red when the crank arm passes the senor (which is does) and green every time the wheel magnet passes the sensor arm (which it doesn’t).

As the LED doesn’t register the wheel magnet, this suggests there is a fault within the GSC 10 and not the actual 705 device. I have made sure that the magnet and sensor have been correctly aligned (i.e. a 5mm gap).

My main concern is that water has entered in the sensor. It’s been used in the wet over the last week, and I keep the senor on every time I wash the bike down.

Before I post it back to Amazon (for a replacement), has anyone else experienced a similar problem and if so, how did you resolve it?


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    My speed sensor packed up in the wet, throwing out both the speed and cadence readings. I tracked it down to the battery cover which had let water in. The replacement works fine, and is now covered in masking tape to stop the water getting in as much as possible.

    However I have also had problems with the head unit. Sunday's soaking resulted in the gradient and elevation readings packing up, which has happened before. Usually when it dries out it works again, but I wont know for certain until the weekend when I get out properly once again.

    My guess is that it is the water. As the spped/cadence sensor is an extra, have you tried removing the speed sensor and just reading speeed from the GPS to see if that sorts it out?
  • Thanks Grifteruk

    It's too late trying out stuff! Everything is packed up in the box, ready to be posted back to Amazon this lunchtime.
  • If it`s under warranty, send it back. Various probs with units losing speed, auto-pausing and elevation probs. Just had mine replaced by Garmin for a brand-new unit. Mine was 11 months and 3 weeks old (that was close) :D

    Lot of issues were caused by a spurious software update version, should be sorted out by Garmin by now. Always worth plugging the USB cable in and going to Garmin online to check for software updates. Defo a new version recently come out to supposedly cure all probs. :wink:
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    fyi the gsc10 is rated ipx7, waterproof to a depth of 1 metre for at least a minute... ... ngual_.pdf

    i've got a couple and they go through all weathers, hot, cold, rain, salt spray, get hosed down, sprayed with bike cleaner etc. with no problem

    from what people post, it does seem a few have dodgy seals, you are doing it right. just send it back for replacement with a good one
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    Defo a new version recently come out to supposedly cure all probs. :wink:

    not if you've got a powertap! :cry:
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    Firmware issue? What version nof firmware are you using? There has been a recent update available, 3.3 is the latest.
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