time i-clic racer vs look keo 2 max cromo

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have seen a few threads on the various pedals but thinking specificlally of a pair of these on my new boardman team carbon.

they seem to be a similar weight and price. What are peoples views? Which would you recommend?

oh yeah most importantly they need to be white also! he he! :lol:

(been using a cheap set of shimano spd sl on my old road bike for a number of years)


  • Used both Time is a bit easier to get into and look a little "racier" The looks are unchanged in mechanism and you can get look cleats almost everywhere. The Time cleat is easier to walk in tho.
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  • andyoh
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    I have a set of Shimano SPD SL's on my winter bike and they are fine.

    I did have a set of Speedplay Zero's on my other bike but couldn't get on with them so sold them to get a set of Look Keo 2 Max Carbons which I much prefer over the Speedplays.

    I have different shoes for winter and summer.

    Horses for courses but the Shimano's and Look's work well for me.
  • brabus
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    i liked the look of the time racers........but just when i was about to press the add to basket button.......i ordered a set of speedplay zero instead...in white of course! :lol:

    am i right in thinking you should add some grease to the threads when screwing them into the cranks?

    any specific type of grease?