Upgrade wheels, bike or both? I just bought the thing too.

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Just bought a 2011 Secteur Elite Apex. Love the Sram. This is my first road bike and now all the guys I ride with bought cf bikes. I can't decide what to do. I tested some 1400gram wheels and pro3 tires and they made my Secteur feel much better, about as smooth as their cf bikes. Mine came with Mavic CXP22 and cheap Specialized tires.

Tossing around ideas of getting awesome wheels I could use on any bike I upgrade to in the future and/or get a new bike now and/or keeping what I got. Here is the list. Sorry, I know it is REAL long, maybe someone who is bored, has time and know a lot won't mind giving me some advice.

1 - Buy a good enough set of these wheels I will keep forever and put on my Secteur (500.00-1000.00)

2 - Buy a good enough set of these wheels I will keep forever and put on a new Roubaix Apex(1050.00-1550.00)
3 - Buy a good enough set of these wheels I will keep forever and put on a new Roubaix Rival(1500.00-2000.00)

4. - Buy a new Roubaix Rival and keep the Fulcrum Racing 6 (1800grams) wheels it comes with (1050.00)
5. - Buy a new Roubaix Apex and keep the Mavic CXP22 (2000grams) wheels it comes with (550.00)

______________________________ ______________________________

Easton EA90 SLX 1398gram 700.00

Easton EA90SLX Special Edition 1472gram 500.00

Mavic Ksyrium SL 1485gram 800-900.00

Mavic Ksyrium Elite 1550gram 450-500.00

HED Ardennes 1430gram 1000.00

Rolf Prima Vigor 1490gram 800.00 for 2009 900.00 for 2010 1000.00

Rolf Prima Elan 1340gram 800.00 for 2009 900.00 for 2010 1000.00

Fulcrum Racing Zero 1435gram 1100.00 for 2010 1400.00 for 2011

Fulcrum Racing 1 1485gram 900.00 for 2010 1000.00 for 2011

Fulcrum Racing 3 1555gram 600.00

DT Swiss RR 1450 1450grams 1000.00

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________

Roubaix same specs as my Secteur 1795.00

Roubaix Rival 2308.00


  • I should say I am not wanting to upgrade a bunch of stuff, the only thing I want to upgrade on the Secteur or Roubaix would be the wheels and tires.
  • dont trash the lot - see the difference some Fulcrum R3's with Pro Race 3 rubber makes
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    Kneeman, I also have the Elite albeit last year's model with 105. If you have only just bought the bike then i really don't see why you are thinking about the Roubaix, etc. There will always be a slightly better bike with a slightly better groupo so it probably makes sense not to chase the holy grail for now.

    I bought some RS80s recently and they are pretty good and IMHO they are about as good a wheel as I would want to stick on the bike. I think they are also SRAM compatible (I could easily be wrong here BTW) so might be worth adding to your list.

    However, my main point would be, why not just keep riding your new bike for now? The OEM wheels are ok for winter use and the best improvement in your performance would be to get in shape by riding your bike. Hence, pencil in buying some nice wheels for May, perhaps after your first decent sportive of the year if you get a silver (always nice to have a target for training) and then treat yourself to something like the RS80s? By then, you will have had a chance to settle in with the bike, chat to other riders, etc., and have a clearer idea of what you want from any upgrade.

    Either way, keep your OEMs for winter use or the turbo but get your money's worth out of them for now.
  • keep the bike as is.
    Any extra weight over CF will give you additional training load for free.
    Buy a new set of wheels for racing/summer this will give you a good advantage when the time comes as youll be used to using something heavier & slower.

    In 12 months see how you feel and how your progressing then px the bike or buy parts (frame/components) and build what you really want.
    If you build a bike you will then have your current one for winter rides.
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    I spent the last month to-ing and for-ing on what wheels to upgrade to, and finally decided on Shimano RS80s, 1521g and £312 from Ribble, with top of the range tyres. Based on your research better vfm. A lot of people on this forum rave about Pro Lite Bracciano's, which are cheaper again. See roadcc website.

    Hope this helps.
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    Just bought a 2011 Secteur Elite Apex. Love the Sram. This is my first road bike and now all the guys I ride with bought cf bikes.

    Chill out for Gods sake, you've only just bought it :?
    Fit some good tyres and enjoy riding your Defy before making panic decisions :?

    Anyway, when your mates are wringing their hands over their broken plastic bikes yours will still be going strong :D
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    I'd just stick some decent tyres on and wear out the wheels you have first. You'll probably find in 2 years if you're still hooked you'll buy an entire CF bike and relegate the Secteur to winter trainer or stick it on Ebay.

    Also bear in mind that wheel rims do wear out and occasionally suffer irreparable damage, spokes can break, and hub bearings eventually wear out. I wouldn't spend a fortune on wheels unless I was racing.