Kask K10 - one size fits all?

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Hello all,

I'm in the market for a new helmet, looking at the Catlike Whisper or the Kask K10 among other, Giro, Specialized, Lazer.

I see that the Kask is advertised as one size fits all, anyone got one and comment on fit, I know helmets are personal but intigued how Kask have pulled this off without the dreaded mushroom effect.



  • I got a K10 recently after banging my previous helmet into the road quite heavily as I came off on icy snow. The 'up and down' fit adjustment system is easy and effective. Along with the compact styling, the fit system seems to help stop the balloon head look. Really well made - the posh soft chin strap is lovely. I recommend.
  • Thanks for that, I must admit it's down to the Kask or the Catlike Whisper.

    Will have a look online and see who has the best deals, I do like the K10 styling tho!

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    To answer your question, yes the K10 is one size fits all. The C50 Vertigo comes in two sizes.

    By an amazing coincidence I'm about to list in the classifieds (when I take a photo) a hardly used Kask C50 Vertigo, size M, white/blue. Super helmet and mint condition, but I've bought a Met Stradivarius which seems to fit me better. Any good?
  • Proto, I've sent you a PM

  • PM function doesnt seem to want to play tonight on my PC!!

    What are you looking for, for the helmet and postage?

    I'm a 55-56cm swede, so should be ok sizewise.

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    PM received (two in fact!). Reply sent.
  • Andy - You may have already done a deal for the C50 Vertigo, but I'll add my two cents anyway!!

    When I was searching for a new helmet I tried both the Kask helmets - I originally wanted the Vertigo and I ended up buying the K10 - they are quite different shapes and definitely worth trying before buying as I could not replicate the fit of the K10 in either size of the C50

    The C50 has a similar shape/fit to an Ionos, Atmos or Spec 2D - they all pinch my (weird shaped) head front and back while being a little loose on the sides. The K10 was quite different though - while being one size fits all, the up&down system is REALLY effective at providing a good fit and the helmet itself is more of a rounded shape (around your head) but not at all mushroom-like.

    Hope that helps, but they are both great helmets, so you can't go wrong.