Newbie first bike, Advice!

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Hi folks, looking to buy my first road bike, have never owned one before and got a budget of around £700-900, would appriciate if you could recommend a few decent bikes around this price bracket, I have heard of specialized,trek cube and giant bikes have decent stater entry bikes but not sure what to opt for as there is to many to chose from?


  • Ribble cycles offer great value for money,particularly the special edition ones.I like mine and they offer plenty of choice in your price bracket.
  • have a look at the tifosi ck 7 they come in at your price bracket and their reviews all look sprockets they have a campag equiped version going for 870
    the wind in the face and sun on the back thats living
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    Try this if you are likely to be doing any very steep hills you may consider swapping the cassette for a 12/28T and or buy a 34 inner front ring.

    a sub 20lb bike at this price is great and there is bags of scope for upgrading in the future. :wink:

    Try googling 'Boardman bike sale' you may be lucky and find a team version to suit your budget which would be great.
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    Decide whether you want:
    standard race gearing or compact chainset
    traditional horizontal top-tube or sloped/compact frame
    tight racing tyre clearance or useful generous tyre clearance
    Threaded eyelets for rack and mudguards or clean-looking race style.

    Sizing is most important. Modern sizing is mainly based on length with height taking care of itself. Different brands offer different length top tubes so if you need an in-between size, look to another brand.

    Do you want to use it for
    racing, general fitness training training, commuting, all-day rides, charity events, audax events, any mult-day touring?