Kyrsium wheels. Can they be trued?

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I have been told they can't but I think they come with a spoke tool!
Again, the question is on behalf of a "friend".


  • Monty Dog
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    Yes - but get the workshop metal tool (e.g. Park), not the crappy plastic one they're supplied with.
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    Yes absolutely, I have replaced spokes and trued both of mine. Also make sure you use the slotted tool to hold the spokes still while you turn the nipple. Unlike normal spokes the nipple actually screws in/out of the rim to give the adjustment. Don't force it as I did shear off a nipple once but fortunately managed to dig the remainder out of the rim and put a new one in no probs.
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  • All bike wheels can be trued assuming you get hold of the correct spoke tool ... excepting carbon fibre jobbies like original Spinnergy and discs.