How much could I expect to sell my bike for?

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Its a Monoc Quattro Pro frame (carbon seat and chain stays) with full ultegra groupset (9 speed), fairly ordinary wheels, nice carbon planet-x seat post and good selle italia carbon saddle.

I've had it four years and I got the frame off a mate. It's been well used but is in perfect working order and would make someone a nice racing or training bike.

It isn't actually for sale yet as I haven't made my mind up but I'm thinking of replacing it with a Ribble Winter Trainer - I commute on the poor old Monoc and it isn't really designed for it.


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    not much I'm afraid, much more on ebay than on here, almost certainly you would get more if you stripped ai and sold the parts separately.

    Seeing close up photos would help.
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    How much is not much? I would only want it to offset some of the cost of the new bike (and make space for it).

    It's in reasonable condition given the age - plenty of scratches but all just cosmetic and what you might expect from something that has probably done something like 20,000 miles...
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    Sounds like about £250 to me. I also think you'd get more if you break it up.
  • so is it for sale i would be interested
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    Bearing in mind it has done around 20K I am assuming it has some pretty worn parts that may need replacing [although I expect some have been replaced on the way].
    Without seeing a pic it's difficult to say but from your description I would say £100-£150, a pic would help as it may show better condition than what I am picturing in my head.
  • 20k miles :shock:

    i'll give you 37p and a bag of cheese and onion crisp for it :lol:
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    I'll let you know if I decide to sell it. I'll probably stick it on Ebay if I do decide to sell it.

    It's quite a difficult thing to list because although it has done so many miles and cosmetically it isn't perfect in terms of working order it is actually excellent. It has had numerous chains, cassettes, cables and even brake calipers over the years. The chain rings are probably quite worn as are the jockey wheels on the derailleur.

    I'd be sad if it only made £250 and whoever got it for that little money would have a bargain in my opinion.
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    Oh and I don't actually think that 20k miles is that many really; it's only 5k a year. Which given the average cycle commute in London is probably something like 8 miles each way plus regular weekend rides is quite easy to arrive at after four or five years.