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Carbon frame repairs and resprays

galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
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Whats the opinion on repairing a damaged carbon frame ?
How good are resprays afterwards compared to an original ?

I'm thinking of getting my Cannondale SuperSix repaired (pretty happy it can be done easily as I think the damage is minor in repairing terms but was enough for it to be written off by insurers (hole in top tube)) and resprayed but I don't want to fork out up to £400 and not be happy with it afterwards when I could use the same money towards a new frameset.
I know the respray won't look like a factory finish and I'm trying not to set my expectations to high if do go through with it but the lure of a new frame is outweighing the cost saving of a repair and respray.
Frame would be resprayed either white, black gloss or black matt with simple Cannondale graphics on seat and down tube so nothing to difficult that wouldn't look right after.
Waiting to here back from at the moment as if they can do reoairs as well as resprays then I'll go with them otherwise Carboncylerepairs are near to me and know of a respryer nearby.
Any comments and experinces welcome, oh and pics of resprayed carbon would be great.
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